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$787 Billion Up In Smoke

Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of President Obama’s federal stimulus, and I hate to say ‘I told you so,’ but it comes as no surprise to conservatives that it was a total failure. On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the stimulus into law and promised it marked “the beginning of the end” of America’s “economic troubles.”

In 2010, President Obama admitted that the enormous sums of money in the stimulus “had fallen short.” The Obama Administration spent $787 billion taxpayer dollars in an effort to revive the American economy, something conservatives knew from the very beginning would not work. And five years later, the anniversary passed unceremoniously and the American economy is nowhere near where the President promised it would be if we spent hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

Not surprisingly, the press didn’t have any scathing write-ups about the anniversary, economists weren’t all over American television screens bemoaning the waste of taxpayer money, and President Obama wasn’t publicly apologizing for wasting your hard-earned cash. Instead, as they always do, the mainstream media ignored this event and in doing so, avoided a teachable moment. One that would have shown the public that liberal policies don’t work, and that conservatives were right all along.

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