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Cagle Post: The Cuba Folly

Obama’s erratic quest to find a legacy to leave behind has reached a new low last week. His decision to begin talks with Cuba and normalize full diplomatic relations after 50 years is not only unprecedented, but extremely dangerous. Obama traded three Cuban spies for American Alan Gross who had been held captive in Cuba for nearly five years – the precedent set with this move is dangerous.

This naïve display by Obama sends the message to the rest of our enemies that if they are able to successfully capture an American citizen, they will be able to gain leverage in negotiations with America. Senator Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, has been the resonating voice for Republicans on this issue, stating, “This entire policy shift […] is based on an illusion, based on a lie […] I’m committed to doing everything I can to unravel as many of these changes as possible.”

The fact that Obama is willing to negotiate with a dictator who has suppressed his people for so long is almost incomprehensible. There is absolutely no reason the United States should be involved with trying to speak reason to a tyrant regime. The Castro brothers undoubtedly have no intention of beginning to treat the citizens of Cuba in a humane manner, no matter what Obama thinks. This administration refuses to accept that it is impossible to reason with individuals or groups who do not think or act in a rational manner. Obama’s fantastical view of the world is so far detached from reality that it has only continued to weaken the United States on the world stage – almost to the point of irreparable damage.

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Citizens United TV Movie Schedule (NewsMax TV) December 27th & 28th

Tune in or set your DVRs for this Saturday and Sunday to catch a portion of the Citizens United movie library which will be airing on NewsMax. Click here to find out how to find their channel on your service provider.

Below is this weekend's scheduled airings:

Saturday, December 27th

Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny airs at 3am

Hype: The Obama Effect airs at 8am

Sunday, December 28th

Perfect Valor airs at 12am

Rediscovering God in America Part I airs at 2am

Blocking the Path to 9/11 airs at 3am

ACLU: At War With America airs at 5am

Our Sacred Honor w/ Rick Santorum airs at 6am

Broken Promises: The UN at 60 airs at 7am

Cagle Post: If It Looks Like A Duck...

One of Obama’s favorite claims is that he has issued fewer executive orders than the majority of his predecessors – namely, Bush and Clinton. However, in a recent study put out by USA Today, the degree of deceit Obama uses in this claim is revealed. Obama, as we all know, is not one to give us the whole truth regarding any of his actions as president – and this case is no different. Yes, Obama has not issued an absurd number of “executive orders” in comparison to presidents before him, however, the number of “memoranda” he has issued are unprecedented. To-date, Obama has issued 195 executive orders and 198 presidential memoranda. According to Breitbart, “The combination of orders and memoranda is the greatest since Harry Truman. Obama is the first president to sign more executive memoranda than executive orders.”

The reasoning behind Obama’s decision to use memoranda instead of executive orders is not rocket science. It is simply another tool to keep the wool over our eyes. USA Today summarized, “Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don’t require action by Congress. They have the same force of law as executive orders […] and some of the most significant actions of the Obama presidency have come not by executive order but by presidential memoranda.” This deception is eerily similar to what we experienced with Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act and most recently, his illegal amnesty order. Obama’s game plan is to only advance his own ideas and the rest of our government be damned.

Essentially, memoranda are a carbon copy of executive orders in their function, the only difference (besides the name) is executive orders are tracked and numbered, while memoranda are not. This is most obviously reason as to why Obama prefers the presidential memorandum as opposed to the presidential executive order. Basically, he is able to make unilateral changes to whichever policies he pleases, without approval from Congress, and without accusations of imperial overreach. Essentially, where executive orders may sound slightly dictatorial, memoranda don’t hold the same stigma. In Obama’s mind, when there is no difference in the power wielded by each, the memorandum is the obvious choice.

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Breitbart.com: Conservatives Will Never Forget The Obama Amnesty

The Republican leadership in the U.S. House decided to let the fight over President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty to slide until next year when there’s a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate to help the cause. That sounds reasonable in theory, but will it make a difference? Quite frankly, I’m worried about it.

I’m fine with sounding like a broken record, so I’ll say it again, and I’ll continue to say it because I believe it to my core. Citizens United’s 500,000 conservative grassroots members and supporters nationwide believe it as well. When will Republicans in Congress finally stand up to this out of control liberal chief executive in the White House and defend the Constitution? I’m concerned we’re once again watching the can being kicked down the road at the expense of our sacred constitutional principles and system of checks and balances.

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Cagle Post: Another Inconvenient Debt Milestone

A note to all the career politicians roaming the halls of Congress: our national debt crisis is not going away unless decisive action is taken. As we breach yet another once-unfathomable milestone, this time it’s the $18,000,000,000,000 mark, we are reminded yet again that our leaders are addicted to spending and wasting taxpayer dollars. Is there any hope for positive change with regard to our out-of-control budgeting habits during the last two years of the inept Barack Obama, or must we just pray that another economic meltdown doesn’t happen on his watch? We’ll know soon enough whether or not the next Congress is ready to take control of the situation and have the courage to pass these much needed reforms for the sake of our future generations.

The big Republican majorities in the soon to be sworn in 114th Congress campaigned on fiscal responsibility across the board. Speaker John Boehner and incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently said, “Congress must take steps to pare back ‘a national debt that has Americans stealing from their children and grandchildren, robbing them of benefits that they will never see and leaving them with burdens that will be nearly impossible to repay.’” Citizens United and our 500,000 members and supporters nationwide agree with this statement wholeheartedly. Republicans must act on this central promise and seek to deliver real results when it comes to our nation’s financial mess, even if President Obama continues to deny reality.

I say let the reform bills pile up on Mr. Obama’s desk. If he wants to veto every single one, so be it. He can explain to the American people why our $18,000,000,000,000 national debt is not a pressing issue. If Obama decides – as is expected – to continue in the direction of irresponsibility, he then will be blamed when America finally goes off the fiscal cliff. But the Republican Congress must act boldly or become an accessory to this pending disaster.

Read more on CaglePost.com here.

Breitbart: King Barack I

Since day one, Obama has been against the idea of reaching across the aisle in order to get things done for the American people. Thursday night he went beyond the realm of what we ever thought imaginable and granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already living in the United States.

This move sets a very dangerous precedent, not only because it sends the message that America does not enforce its own laws, but now immigrants who did abide by our laws and waited their turn have nothing to show for it. Why should hard-working American taxpayers play by the rules if some laws don’t apply?

Obama’s decision to allow law-breakers to get off unscathed is an absolute disgrace. This president has always demonstrated himself as above the Constitution and above the laws of our government, and this executive action is concrete proof of that. He cares solely about fundamentally changing a nation in order to suit his own liberal agenda and ideology.

Read more at Breitbart.com here.

Breitbart: We Won -- Now Let's Do Something With It

This week’s midterm victories were a step in the right direction for conservatives and the core principles we hold dear. There is no understating the importance of the seats we picked up in both the Senate and the House, and hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. The American people resoundingly spoke out against the failed leadership and policies of the Obama Administration and Harry Reid.

However, winning the midterm elections does not mean all is right within the Republican Party. Conservatives still face an uphill battle against the party’s establishment, which will no doubt play out in the 2016 election cycle. We’ve seen this before -- all too recently -- when party leaders made the decision to not pass any innovative conservative legislative items that might have jeopardized the impending election of Mitt Romney. Make no mistake, that strategy was and is a failure.

Let’s not do it again; majorities exist to be put to use for the American people. We must pass a conservative, pro-growth agenda in the next Congress and take our optimistic policies to the American people in 2016. If we make the mistake of trotting out the “prevent defense” option once again, Hillary Clinton will be elected president with a Senate – and perhaps a House -- majority.

Read more on Breitbart.com here.

Breitbart: Just Vote

Midterm Election Day 2014 is upon us, and the importance of turning out the vote across the country cannot be overstated. Americans are finally waking up from the fantasy Obama and his liberal friends have tried to pass off as reality, once upon a time – and they do not like what they’ve been left with.

The only way to begin solving the daunting issues facing the country is to change the individuals in charge. America needs to get back on the right track.

The shift in favor of conservative candidates could not have come at a better time, and it is my fervent hope that voters take to the polls in a few days to ensure it is the deserving candidates that are put in charge to govern. Democrats have had nowhere to hide this election cycle, as they have no positive agenda to run on, and they have been severely tarnished by an out-of-touch president who is quickly becoming the lamest of lame ducks.

Read more on Breitbart.com here.

Cagle: Barack Obama, The Elephant In The Room

To say Democrats have soured on President Obama would be an understatement. It has become abundantly clear in recent weeks that liberal candidates across the country have not been shy in their snubbing of Obama on the campaign trail. The only races Obama has been welcome to make appearances for are a handful of Governor’s races. To add insult to injury, last week, in deep-Blue Maryland while President Obama was addressing the crowd, the audience began to file out during his speech. It happened yet again in Wisconsin this week. Not a good sign when the President of the United States can’t keep a crowd in Democrat-friendly states.

Former Executive Director of the Democratic Governors’ Association Nathan Daschle put it this way, “In Senate races, voters are looking through the lens of federal politics, and voters are getting a president with the lowest approval of his presidency right now.” Not only is Obama at his lowest approval rating, but according to a CNN poll, nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry with the direction of the country – a rating that all Americans would be quick to blame President Obama for.

President Obama will be making zero stops in battle ground states even though we are mere days away from the midterm elections. Although Obama has attended lavish dinners with Hollywood A-listers and liberal elitist millionaires, raising money for the Democrat Party to supply the endless and stale attack ads this election season – no candidate on the ballot wants him anywhere near them when it isn’t about raising money, but about gaining the trust and support of their state’s constituents. America is facing crisis after crisis and desperately needs a leader to lead them. Unfortunately for the nation, President Obama has been AWOL on that front and his approval rating, as well as the Democrat Party’s approval rating, has sunk into the abyss. Americans need solutions, not a continuous stream of blame and bickering.

Read more on Cagle.com here.

Cagle: A Rocky Mountain Heist

On Tuesday, Citizens United’s right to distribute our newest documentary Rocky Mountain Heist in the state of Colorado was affirmed. The District Court for the District of Colorado had refused to treat our documentary as a standard media product. That decision had imposed on our First Amendment rights and would have required Citizens United to file burdensome campaign finance reports – something no other media entity is ever asked to do.

We filed an immediate appeal with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. On Tuesday the Court issued an emergency injunction in our favor. The 10th District Court of Colorado unanimously ruled 3-0, finding that we can indeed air Rocky Mountain Heist in the same manner as any other media entity. Put simply, our film and its message are at the core of political speech protected by the First Amendment. For far too long Colorado’s campaign finance laws have burdened some speakers while protecting others.

Rocky Mountain Heist sheds light on how the once-Red state of Colorado was transformed into a reliable Democrat stronghold. This documentary reveals the truth behind the “Gang of Four” – a secretive group of Leftist millionaires and billionaires who hijacked Colorado politics. The result was a restructuring of the once-reliable Red state. Now, homelessness is at an all-time high, marijuana is smoked in once family-friendly parks, gun control is rampant and the state’s energy industry is under constant assault.

Read more on Cagle.com here.

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Cagle Post: The Cuba Folly

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Citizens United TV Movie Schedule (NewsMax TV) December 27th & 28th

Tune in or set your DVRs for this Saturday and...

Cagle Post: If It Looks Like A Duck...

One of Obama’s favorite claims is that he has issued...

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