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7 Reasons Why Bill Daley Is A Peculiar Choice For Obama CoS

The announcement of Bill Daley as President Obama’s new Chief of Staff is a peculiar choice considering his past history and Obama’s pledge to set a new tone in Washington. Over the course of his career, Bill Daley:

1. Rewarded Enron executives with a high profile trade mission as Bill Clinton’s Commerce Secretary.

2. Publicly stated he believed Bill Clinton was telling the truth about Monica Lewinsky.

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3. Served on the board of Fannie Mae and received hundreds of thousands in stock options and deferred compensation.

4. Somehow managed to lose Al Gore’s presidential campaign – when unemployment was at 3.9 percent in November 2000.

5. Led the charge to enact NAFTA which, according to his Union and Democrat fellow travelers, ships jobs overseas.

6. Was an executive at JP Morgan, the company Democrat Sens. Franken and Menendez called for an investigation of in October.

7. Is a leading member of the infamous Daley political…

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