Dedicated To Restoring Our Government to Citizens' Control Some Keys To Success For The Gowdy Committee

This past Friday, Speaker John Boehner finally made a long overdue announcement, one we at Citizens United have been calling on him to make for over a year: The U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote to create a select committee to investigate the terrorist attack in Benghazi and its aftermath. Mr. Boehner’s decision to have Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a former prosecutor, chair the committee is the right one.

Now that the process for a select committee has been set in motion, it’s critically important that the proper decisions are made in setting the panel up. Having served as an investigator for the Special Committee to Investigate Whitewater in the Senate and as chief investigator for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, here are some points I’d like Chairman Gowdy to consider.

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