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A foe to our friends and a friend to our foes, by David N. Bossie:

On Tuesday President Obama met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. I am disappointed that President Obama did not take this opportunity to reinforce his commitment to our allies in the Middle East by pledging stronger action to stop Iran’s march towards a nuclear weapon before it’s too late. From the first days of his presidential campaign through today, President Obama has displayed a dangerous naiveté when it comes to the threat that Iran poses to our allies in the Middle East and to the United States itself. History demonstrates that sanctions are not a cure-all for regimes bent on destroying other peaceful nations.

These sanctions have only emboldened Ahmadinejad. He has dismissed theses sanctions stating that “they thought that by having meetings and talking to each other and signing papers they could stop a great nation’s progress.” He has boasted “Iran is much greater than what they can perceive in their small minds. We know that if this Iranian civilization awakes then there would be no more room for arrogant, corrupt and bullying powers.” The President must step up to this challenge before Iran has the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons.

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