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Bob Costas’ Fumble

In a tragedy that has affected a football team, a city, and more importantly a three-month-old little girl, politics has taken center stage where it should not be. Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher fatally shot his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter on Saturday morning then drove to the Chiefs’ practice facility and turned the gun on himself in front of his coach. It was a violent end to two lives but those in the media and on the Left are ghoulishly using this tragedy for political gain.

It is Bob Costas’ First Amendment right to say whatever he wants to say on the air. But, when you use the halftime of Sunday Night Football to preach about how in your view guns are evil you have crossed a line. According to a 1995 Northwestern University study, 2.5 million Americans use guns in self defense every year. There are countless stories out there of how guns have saved lives and have provided a last line of defense.

People kill people, not guns. Last week a man in Wyoming stabbed his father’s live-in girlfriend to death then killed his father with a bow and arrow and finally killed himself with a knife. In Bob Costas’ world he would want to ban all knives and bow and arrows. It is just silly and will only leave more innocent people without a proper defense.

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The Second Amendment was created to protect the citizenry from enemies both foreign and domestic. Bob Costas should just stick to what he knows…reading sports off of a teleprompter. He should not preach about gun control on Sunday Night Football and turn this very real tragedy into a political football.

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