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Bossie and Olson Comment On The One-Year Anniversary Of The Citizens United Supreme Court Victory

Why we chose to fight censorship by CU President David N. Bossie:

Tomorrow, January 21, marks the one-year anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC. The impact of the case has been to level the playing field in American politics during the 2010 election cycle. Below are statements by David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, and Theodore B. Olson, the attorney who argued the case before the Supreme Court, reflecting on the anniversary.

David N. Bossie:

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Citizens United v. FEC allowed individuals to be able to participate in the political process through corporations for the first time in decades. Our victory allows non-profit corporations like Citizens United and others to come together with their donors and supporters to educate the American people. America is facing a number of major issues that will shape the course of our country in the years to come. Whether it is the exploding national debt or the fight over health care, the American people must be free to participate in the political process, and have the freedom to debate the most pressing issues of our time without government restrictions. Citizens United v. FEC set down a marker on First Amendment rights that will preserve all Americans’ right to free speech.”

Theodore B. Olson:

“I think it may be the most important case in history because what that decision said is that individuals, under the First Amendment, cannot be inhibited, cannot be restrained, cannot be threatened, cannot be censored by the government when they wish to speak about elections and the political process. What could be more important than that? This is a robust expression of our fundamental liberties. I think it is the most important decision ever to be rendered by the Supreme Court in connection with the freedom of citizens to participate in the political process.”

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