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Bossie: Omnibus Rider On Campaign Finance Only Strengthens Washington Establishment

Washington, DC –Citizens United President David N. Bossie made the following statement in regard to the campaign finance Omnibus rider that boosts party committees and not other hard dollar Political Action Committees (PACs).

“What Congressional Leaders are doing is what they do best; protecting incumbents and the two-party system. The Omnibus rider will only strengthen the Washington Establishment in both parties and not create a level playing field for candidates who are outside the beltway.

“Citizens United v. FEC, eliminated limits for independent speech, but did not address limits on contributions to candidates, party committees, or hard dollar political action committees. The contribution limits for those entities remained in place. The Omnibus rider provides additional funding sources to party committees, but fails to address contribution limits to traditional political committees or candidates. Individual limits increase every two years with inflation, however the $5,000 hard dollar PAC limit has not increased in nearly 40 years. These limits should be raised to more realistic levels so these candidates and committees can more effectively make their voices heard.

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“The party committees exist to protect incumbents. The National Republican Senatorial Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee have made clear their mission is reelecting their own. They differ from organizations like Citizens United Political Victory Fund which make a habit of championing true conservative candidates, even if it means taking on currently elected members of the Establishment.”

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