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Bossie Review of Mark Levin’s new book – “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic”

As he does on his show every weekday and in his other best-selling books, radio talk show host, author and my friend Mark Levin provides the American public with facts and substance to fight back against a tyrannical government and Washington elites. The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic is a book that is so jam-packed with important points, one must read it two or more times to really absorb all of Mr. Levin’s wisdom. It is my hope that every conservative, liberty-loving American picks up a copy of this book and reads it to educate themselves, but also to be able to share the knowledge they gain from this book with others.

In one point in The Liberty Amendments, Mark mentions Washington’s agenda that “the public is not to be informed, but indoctrinated, manipulated and misled.” He’s right. And for far too many of us for far too long have been lax in doing everything in our power to restore the American republic. 2012 was not the end of the fight, but merely the beginning of another round – and this book is the roadmap for the fight ahead.

“Congress also and often delegates unconstitutionally, lawmaking power to a gigantic yet ever-growing administrative state that in-turn unleashes on society myriad regulations and rules at such a rapid rate the people cannot possibly know of them either. And if by chance they do, they cannot possibly comprehend them. Nonetheless ignorance, which is widespread, and deliberately so, is no excuse for non-compliance. For which the citizen is heavily fined and severely punished.” In The Liberty Amendments, Levin discusses how the original intent of the Framers while writing the Constitution has been corrupted over time. Decade after decade of flawed leaders, amendments and executive action have turned this nation- and our founding documents- into something most of us don’t recognize anymore.

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I am telling you, not as Mark Levin’s friend, but as someone who loves this country and is terrified when I think about where it is heading in the long-term: read The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. Buy an extra copy and give it to someone you know. It’s time to grow our army and this is our manual. It’s time to change the course of this nation.

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