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Breitbart: $22 Trillion For What?

The annual report by the Census Bureau on poverty was released this past week, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. It should come as no surprise that the War on Poverty has not been a success by any stretch of the imagination. In 50 years, American taxpayers have spent an unimaginable $22 trillion on this so-called war.

According to Investor’s Business Daily: “Adjusting for inflation, [$22 trillion is] three times more than was spent on all military wars since the American Revolution. The federal government currently runs more than 80 means-tested welfare programs. These programs provide cash, food, housing and medical care to low-income Americans. Federal and state spending on these programs last year was $943 billion.”

There is no doubt that poverty is a major problem in the United States; however, today the poverty rate hovers around 14%, which is actually higher than the poverty rate when President Johnson’s programs were launched. How in the world is it possible that programs which spend approximately $943 billion annually have failed to even make a dent in the population of poor Americans?

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