Dedicated To Restoring Our Government to Citizens' Control Citizens United Sues NY ATTY. GEN. For Violating 1st Amendmnet, Demanding Donor Info

On Wednesday, Citizens United sued New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, accusing him of ruling by fiat and violating the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of Citizens United and its supporters by demanding the disclosure of its confidential list of donors.

Citizens United President David Bossie said that Schneiderman’s “overreach needs to be addressed in a court of law” and was confident that lead attorney and former FEC Chairman Don McGahn will help the group “prevail and right this injustice foisted upon Americans by the New York Attorney General.”

“The First Amendment is under attack by the New York Attorney General and, as we did with the Federal Election Commission, Citizens United will fight for our rights set forth by the U.S. Constitution,” Bossie said in a statement.

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