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Breitbart: When A Commander-in-Chief Stops Caring

Of late, the Obama Administration and hypocrisy have become synonymous. For a president who loves to pretend his policies and ideas are always in favor of middle-class workers, Obama can’t seem to help himself when it comes to attending fundraising events put on by wealthy liberal elites. Yes, all presidents raise money for their political party, but Obama has taken fundraising to a different level—appearances be damned.

It is amusing that the same Super PACs Democrats are trying to make unconstitutional are the very thing that Obama is constantly spending his time focusing on helping. Similarly, this Administration has absolutely zero interest in remaining transparent throughout these numerous fundraising events. For President Obama to claim, “This is the most transparent administration in history,” is simply hyperbole. President Obama continues to make these $25,000 per-plate fundraisers closed-off to the press. In claiming transparency in this Administration, the President is not only being dishonest but purposely deceitful.

Obama and the Democrats’ continuous attacks against Citizens United’s Supreme Court free speech victory in Citizens United v. FEC has recently, once again, been placed front and center. Senate Democrat leaders are currently imposing a full-court press trying to pass a constitutional amendment to upend the Citizens United decision and the First Amendment rights it reasserted (this attempt, like many others before it, will go down in flames).

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