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Brent Bozell, Conservative Leaders Petition State AGs to Investigate Big Tech

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell and conservative leaders on Tuesday released a letter to the Attorneys General of the states calling for an investigation into whether Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube are in violation of the Consumer Protection Statute in the state.

Here’s Bozell’s statement:

“The CEOs of Google, Facebook and Twitter have repeatedly alleged their platforms are neutral forums for political speech and that they support an equal exchange of ideas. The actions by these tech companies, however, prove those claims are patently false. Conservative speech is under attack. Countless conservatives, former President Trump included, have been censored or outright banned on these platforms for simply expressing their beliefs.”

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“We cannot allow Facebook, Google and Twitter to continue to deceive the public with lies about the political neutrality of their products. We’re urging Americans who believe in preserving free speech to contact their state attorney general and request they investigate these companies for their deceptive trade practices.”

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