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Cagle Post – After Obamacare’s Failure: We Can’t Trust The Government With Immigration Reform

The list of failures surrounding the rollout of Obamacare has grown too long to list. Millions of policies canceled, people forced to pay higher prices, and others downgraded to part-time. If you like your health care, too bad for you. It is, therefore, a mystery as to why anyone – Republican or Democrat – would think a massive overhaul of our immigration system is a good idea.

How can anyone trust the government – especially the perennially incompetent Obama Administration – to fix our national immigration mess? This government couldn’t even build a proper website, how can they secure the border? Think about it: the only thing that has managed to stem the flood of illegal immigrants was the recession. Further, we all know that Obama is already enacting amnesty on his own, ignoring the law when it benefits him politically.

Given all this, how can regular Americans trust that the government will secure the border and stop the flow of illegal immigrants into their communities? The sad reality is they can’t.

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