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Cagle Post: An Incapable Government

With every new day there seems to be yet another disturbing headline citing Big Government failure. Recently it has been the CDC and the Ebola epidemic, the Secret Service, and the Commander in Chief and ISIS – to say the least, America is going through some trying times thanks in large part to our bloated government. The Obama Administration is completely overrun by arrogant incompetency, which as we are finding out daily is the most dangerous breed of incompetency there is. The Obama Administration continues to reassure the American public that everything is fine and the government will take care of it, but now even the most die-hard Obama lovers are learning that this is far from the truth.

The Ebola epidemic reached our shores last week via a traveler from Liberia and immediately Obama and the CDC jumped to reassure us that the threat was basically nonexistent, everything would be taken care of. However, not too long after, it was reported up to 100 people that came into contact with the man could be infected with the deadly virus. To put it plainly, it is very hard to believe anything that comes from the Obama Administration, whether it is a threat from Ebola, ISIS, Russia, you name it, in Obama Land the world is at complete peace and any potential threat to our Homeland continues to fall on deaf ears. To make matters worse, the White House is completely refusing to even consider temporary travel restrictions on countries battling the Ebola epidemic, to keep the virus from spreading to America yet again. This makes absolutely no sense, and is further proof that the Obama Administration cannot anticipate a major crisis.

Obama’s Secret Service is another example of extreme incompetency in this liberal administration. Not only did Director Julia Pierson’s Secret Service allow a man through to the East Wing of the White House before being stopped by an off-duty guard, but she allowed a gun carrying man with a checkered past stand beside the president in an elevator. Her incompetency was obvious to the public, and yet, prior to her resignation and after these two illicit missteps, Press Secretary Josh Earnest took to the podium and stated, “President Obama does have full confidence in Director Pierson and other members of the Secret Service to do their very important work.” The exact same day Earnest made this announcement, Pierson resigned. The sheer lack of communication within this administration is at this point unsurprising – but remains very unsettling.

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