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Cagle Post: Boehner and the Ohio Connection

Northeast Ohio has been home to many unique characters in the United States Congress. Figures such as former Representatives Dennis Kucinich and James Traficant, with their colorful personalities, are hard to forget even for casual political observers.

Another not as well-known loudmouth from Cleveland is Steven LaTourette. Recently retired from Congress, LaTourette always prided himself standing athwart his conservative Republican colleagues and the Tea Party. His voting record proves he was not just your typical “Republican In Name Only” who supported trillions of dollars in tax increases while calling Grover Norquist’s tax pledge “crap.” Or just a Member of Congress who opposed a vote on earmark bans because, if passed, “you can’t give people anything” to make them vote your way. LaTourette was a union funded, union supporting, liberal PAC endorsed sellout who embodies the worst of the D.C. political establishment and failed status quo.

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