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Cagle Post: Commander-in-???

For years we watched our nation’s foreign policy situation and have been reminded that what conservatives said during the 2008 election was far too true: then-Senator Barack Obama was simply not experienced enough to be President of the United States. This isn’t the first time Obama has shown us that he wasn’t adequately prepared to be Commander-in-Chief, but it’s a reminder of the harsh reality that comes with electing someone who needs on the job training.

Whether you support military intervention in Syria or you are against it, we can all agree it’s not becoming of a Commander-in-Chief to handle a foreign policy crisis the way President Obama is with Syria. Leaders take action; leaders don’t make covert operations public fodder and leaders have principles and get things done. Israel has taken action against Syria and struck them covertly; we shouldn’t be announcing this type of “limited” strike to the entire globe.

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