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Cagle Post: Deploy The National Guard To The Southern Border

More time has passed and still the President has done absolutely nothing to deal with the crisis on our Southern border. There is still no set plan to stop the thousands of people flooding our border each day, and there is no end in sight because of President Obama’s refusal to take action.

This week, my organization Citizens United launched a petition that calls on President Obama to deploy the National Guard to our Southern border. It boils down to this: millions of illegal immigrants are already living and working in the United States, not paying taxes and enjoying a multitude of benefits – courtesy of the hardworking American taxpayer. Therefore, throwing thousands more illegal immigrants at an already out-of-control problem is simply ludicrous.

Politicians and faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. refuse to enforce the law, secure the border, or be honest with the American people about the totality of this problem. As a direct result of the policies and statements of Barack Obama and his Administration, the situation has now completely spiraled out of control.

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