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Cagle Post: Fiscal Cliff Politics

As the country heads again toward the “fiscal cliff,” President Obama refuses to tell the truth to the American people about the critical need for real entitlement reform. This is a continuation of the class warfare theme that President Obama ran on, and he wants tax increases at any cost, even if it pushes America over the “cliff.”

Any deal that leaves entitlement programs untouched is a failure and a dereliction of duty by both the executive and legislative branches. President Obama of course knows that entitlement programs drive our out-of-control national debt but he has yet to offer a serious proposal that includes any entitlement reform or long-term debt reduction. Does he really want a Greece-type meltdown to happen on his watch because of partisanship or is this newly minted second-termer ready to become an elder statesman who is capable of real leadership?

Read more at Cagle Post here.

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