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Cagle Post: Iran’s Threat To Israel Is A Threat To Us All

As Iran continues its nuclear weapons push, the Obama Administration continues to undermine its biggest ally and the only democracy in the region, the state of Israel. President Obama has had a rocky relationship at best with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Back in May 2010, President Obama walked out of a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and did not return. Last fall, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Prime Minister Netanyahu a “liar” to President Obama on a hot mic and President Obama’s response was, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day.” President Obama’s curious distain for Prime Minister Netanyahu, especially in public, hurts not only the security of Israel but that of America as well.

Now, gaffe-prone Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has leaked to the Washington Post that Israel will most likely launch a preemptive attack on Iran in the coming months. I’m not a military strategist, but the Defense Secretary of the United States of America telegraphing a potential attack by our strongest ally in the Middle East seems to be either incompetent, stupid or a malicious attempt to undermine it. In a region of the world that is hostile to Israel’s very existence, how does it make any sense to undercut our ally’s fight for survival?

Israel has to continuously protect itself from rocket and suicidal attacks from Palestinian terrorist groups. With an unstable government in Egypt to its south, and Syria on the brink of a full blown civil war to its east, Israel is right in the middle of a hornet’s nest. Adding the threat of a nuclear Iran that has called for the eradication of Israel only heightens the dangers they face. It should be a top priority for the Obama Administration to do everything in its power to ensure the security of Israel and stop Iran from going nuclear.

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