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Cagle Post: Keeping Obama In Check

The unprecedented actions taken by President Obama to “recess” appoint his liberal nominees showed a new level of abuse of power by his imperial presidency. Never before has a politician campaigned in such a dramatically different way than he has governed. The American people were sold a false bill of goods in 2008 and President Obama has continuously abused his executive powers.

With the “recess” appointment of Richard Cordray as Director of the newly-formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, President Obama installed an anti-business candidate who will no doubt mold a liberal ideology into the new agency. On the same day as the Cordray appointment, President Obama delved back into his bag of tricks and “recess” appointed three union drones to the National Labor Relations Board. Two of those appointed were only nominated two days before the United States Senate was supposed to adjourn before the holiday recess.

Read more at Cagle here.

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