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Canada Free Press: RO12 Film Premiere Review: Occupy Unmasked

The one thing I can say about this film is it is absolutely intense. The amount of violence committed by the “Occupy” leftists is shocking when you see so much of it gathered into one visual presentation. But the behind the scenes lies and the smoke screen deployed to hide who is really behind the creation and launching of this so-called “movement” is just as shocking and this film documents both.

The film features Andrew Breitbart in the first of the two recent films he helped along and stars in (the other being Hating Breitbart — see preview HERE), films that ended up being the last two major projects he finished before he so regrettably passed from us. It is also a production of Citizens United.

Now, by intense, I really mean it. When the film was over I was almost fatigued by all the swirling images of the hate, the violence, the anti-Americanism and the lies from these leftists behind Occupy. It all washed over me like a wave of emotion during the film. In some ways it was over whelming.

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But what we learn from this film is important. Sadly, we won’t find all this out any other way because the fact is the Old Media simply refuses to tell the truth about the fetid swamp we call the “Occupy movement.” In fact, not only does the Old Media refuse to fully inform everyone about who is really behind Occupy, they actually lie about Occupy, giving it cover. That is also detailed in the film.

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