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Catholic Online: Commentary: The Pro-Life Message Moving to Go Mainstream

An entry made Monday, November 21 on Manhattan Declaration website stated, “Through its promotion of the new movie ‘The Gift of Life,’ the Pro-Life movement has begun using mainstream media to spread the important message of fighting for the unborn. This time around, the focus of the movie’s message is not on human development, the abortion holocaust, or even on the ever so vigilant opponents of the pro-life movement. Rather, this movie focuses its attention on the lives of people who nearly became victims of abortion. There are stories all around us of those closely affected by the horrors of abortion. And these are the stories that are going to help define the culture of life.

Hosted by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, The Gift of Life looks at the sanctity of life as a moral issue through at the stories of individuals who were nearly the victims of an abortion, but through God’s grace were spared.

The film also highlights leaders of the Pro-Life movement. These men and women have dedicated themselves to bringing the message to society that every human being possesses an inalienable right to life.

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