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Citizens United Commends Work of Election Integrity Project California, Inc.

Citizens United is pleased to commend the outstanding work of Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa).

Citizens United has often focused attention on California as a rogue state whose election laws inhibit free and fair elections, and in many respects invite outright election fraud. EIPCa, with its over 11,000 volunteers, has effectively fought to restore and defend the rights of California voters since 2010. EIPCa’s Observation Program has been an effective weapon and a driving force in vastly improving poll worker training, holding elections officials accountable, and educating California voters about their electoral process with the goal of ensuring that every lawfully cast vote is accurately counted.

For example, EIPCa’s 2017 lawsuit against California’s Secretary of State and Los Angeles County’s Registrar of Voters forced the state into compliance with federal mandates (NVRA) for voter roll maintenance. LA County alone was required to remove 1.5 million inactive (deceased or moved) voters from its rolls, and all 58 California counties were put on notice to follow suit in cleaning up their rolls.

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The influence of EIPCa’s Election Integrity Project® is now being felt in Arizona, Nevada, and Arkansas as its affiliated organizations in those states work to bring greater election integrity to their own citizens.

EIPCa’s Election Integrity Project® is impacting the fight for election integrity nationwide as a founding member of the Election Integrity Alliance, a coalition dedicated to working and sharing best practices with, as well as supporting and mentoring 501(c)(3) state-based organizations dedicated to election integrity throughout the nation.

Citizens United is honored to endorse the work of Election Integrity Project California, and encourages all who love and believe in free and fair elections to learn more at


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