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Citizens United Launches National Ad Buy Telling President Obama, Stop Iran Now

As President Obama prepares to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel today, Citizens United announced the launch of a national ad buy telling the President to stop Iran’s march towards a nuclear weapon before it’s too late.

David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, said, “from the first days of his presidential campaign through today, President Obama has displayed a dangerous naiveté when it comes to the threat that Iran poses to our allies in the Middle East and to the United States itself. History demonstrates that sanctions are not a cure-all for regimes bent on destroying other peaceful nations. The President must step up to this challenge before Iran has the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons.”

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He had good intentions.

He honestly thought simply talking to your adversaries could change things.

He ignored violent repression, dismissed explicit threats and believed that appeasement was the path to peace.

Neville Chamberlain’s mistakes preceded a war that cost 30 million lives.

If Barack Obama repeats the same mistakes today . . . and Iran gets nuclear weapons . . . how many will suffer?

Mr. President: Stop Iran. Now.

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