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Citizens United President David N. Bossie Statement on FBI Director James Comey’s Wrong Decision Not to Indict Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey stated Hillary Clinton broke the law, but is choosing not to recommend prosecuting her. It is a bad day for all America, she’s not being held accountable for her reckless and illegal actions. The American people will only see that Hillary Rodham Clinton is above the law.

Regardless of the FBI determination into narrow questions about Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, there are still many unanswered questions. Huma Abedin’s testimony about burning schedules coupled with the State Department’s political delay tactics in producing court ordered documents gives the appearance that Hillary Clinton was engaged in activities as Secretary of State that she is fearful of disclosing to the public. What was Hillary Clinton’s priority as Secretary of State? Was it U.S diplomacy or was it Clinton Foundation business and donor maintenance? The public has a right to know the answers to these critical questions.


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