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Citizens United President David N Bossie Statement on Special Counsel

“Citizens United first called for an impartial special counsel to investigate the Clinton email case 11 months ago. We were right then and we are right now.

Democrat political appointees at the Department of Justice – including Loretta Lynch – can’t be expected to make unbiased prosecutorial decisions about their own nominee for president.

In the past 10 days, President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the White House the same afternoon.

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Then Loretta Lynch appears on television to say she’s never discussed the Clinton email case with President Obama and that she’s treating it like any other case that comes down the pike.

To top it all off, Lynch denied that there was even the hint of an appearance of a conflict of interest in the case despite the fact that:

-Hillary Clinton’s husband President Bill Clinton appointed Lynch U.S. Attorney in 1999, creating the appearance that she owes the former President something for that important appointment;

-Senior Justice Department officials have contributed thousands to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, creating the appearance that the Obama Justice Department wants Clinton to succeed;

-Lynch herself has made contributions to Democrat candidates in the past, creating the appearance that Attorney General Lynch is a partisan Democrat who wants Clinton to succeed; and

-Indicting Democrat Clinton now would damage her ability to be elected, therefore putting a ‘third Obama term’ in jeopardy.

The American people have had enough of Attorney General Lynch’s ‘nothing to see here’ strategy. In order to restore some trust in government and the rule of law, Loretta Lynch must acknowledge the conflicts that surround this investigation and appoint an impartial special counsel without delay.”


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