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Citizens United Wins At The 10th Circuit Court Of Appeals

Washington, DC – Citizens United won at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today in Citizens United v. Gessler. Earlier this month, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Citizens United in its emergency injunction. Today the 10th Circuit rebuked the lower Court’s ruling, and found that Citizens United’s latest documentary Rocky Mountain Heist is constitutionally protected speech. This eye-opening documentary about the liberal takeover of once-Red Colorado was released after the emergency injunction was granted.

“The 10th Circuit once again embraced the First Amendment today with its ruling in favor of Citizens United,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “In its detailed ruling, the 10th Circuit recognized that Citizens United is an established media entity which has the same rights as The Denver Post and other media outlets. Rocky Mountain Heist has made an impact throughout the Centennial State and is just another example of how Citizens United uses speech to break through the Liberal media filter which has endured in this country for decades.”

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