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CU Submits Administrative Appeal to New York District Attorney’s Office Over Non-Response to Freedom of Information Request

“Citizens United hereby appeals the constructive denial of its April 21, 2023, records request identified by the New York County District Attorney’s Office as 23FO283. A year has passed since the request was submitted but to date not a single record has been produced. Instead, Citizens United has received seven response letters, each claiming additional time is required to process the request. April 22, 2024, the deadline of the last letter received has come and gone with no further follow-up. Based on the last correspondence received, the Records Access Officer assigned to the matter has yet to even determine the threshold question of whether any records exist that are subject to release under FOIL. As more fully elaborated herein, the DA Office’s extreme stonewalling in this matter is intolerable and constitutes a constructive denial of Citizens United’s FOIL request prompting this appeal.”

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