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Daily Caller: Happy 50th birthday, Mr. President!

Paul Simon had “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” Here are 50 ways not to get re-elected.

1. Oversee 9.2 percent unemployment.

2. Sign Obamacare.

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3. Appoint White House czars.

4. Insist that tax increases be on the table in debt talks and super committee proceedings.

5. Fail to put forth plans for the most important issues of the day.

6. Vastly expand the size and influence of government.

7. Allow the national debt to increase by trillions.

8. Defend the status quo: Obama originally asked for a clean debt ceiling bill, with no cuts or reforms.

9. Call $14.3 TRILLION debt a manufactured crisis.

10. Oversee record budget deficits.

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