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Daily Caller: Osama bin Laden is dead. Now what?

All Americans are rejoicing this week upon the news that Osama bin Laden has been killed in a daring mission by a United States Special Forces team. It has been nearly ten years since the September 11th terrorist attacks claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people on American soil, and justice has been served to its main architect. With Osama bin Laden in the throes of hell, the focus now turns to the next chapter of the War on Terror and our involvement in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, some may call for the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan and the scaling back of our footprint in the Middle East. America must remain vigilant and not lapse into a pre-September 11th mindset. We are at war with radical Islam, and though the killing of Osama bin Laden is a major victory in our ongoing War on Terror, it will not be the final battle. America and our allies must identify and fight radical Islam wherever it crops up. If we ever lose our focus and resolve, we risk repeating the same mistakes that led to September 11th.

Radical Islamists’ main objective is to impose worldwide Sharia law, and they will not relent until that goal is met. Essentially, Sharia law is an ancient set of Islamic rules that commingles government and religion to the effect that government becomes the religion. Sharia is an extreme philosophy that is the antithesis of our cherished freedom of religion set forth in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

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