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Daily Caller: The Democrats’ campaign finance reform hypocrisy

Our op-ed in The Daily Caller on Democrats changing their tune on CU v. FED:

As President Obama and the national Democrat establishment gear up for their billion-dollar-plus 2012 election campaign, insiders connected to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are hatching plans to protect the tenuous Senate Democrat majority. These Reid insiders are forming a “super” political action committee, called Majority PAC, to raise unlimited money in order to go on the offensive in Senate races across the country. Reid’s people are within their rights to form the PAC, thanks to the Citizens United v. FEC victory at the United States Supreme Court last year. Now all Americans are free to utilize their free speech rights in this way. However, because the entire Democrat Party machinery was against this landmark decision last year, this blatant reversal reeks of hypocrisy. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid spent an inordinate amount of time attacking the decision and trying to defeat it through legislative means; meanwhile they lost their majority in the House and now have a fading majority in the Senate.

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