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EMAIL RELEASE: Citizens United Releases 612 Pages Of State Department Emails With Clinton Foundation

Today Citizens United is releasing 612 pages of State Department emails relating to the Clinton Foundation, Dennis Cheng, Doug Band, Haiti, and more.

These emails were produced to Citizens United by the State Department on October 21st, 22nd, and 25th as a result of FOIA requests and litigation and cover the following:

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  • “Do you know if there’s ever been or if there’s been talk of organizing official business delegations for S trips abroad?”
  • “We need to start inviting members soon…”
  • “Who among our strong Hispanic supporters could we nominate for Amb to the Vatican?”
  • “I am told I am not allowed to leave Doha until our deal is done – and its [sic] not.”
  • “Who at the library can tell me which files of hrcs are down there?”

Read the emails here:

Part I (State Dept. – Clinton Foundation Emails 1):

Part II (State Dept. – Clinton Foundation Emails 2):

Part III (Haiti Emails 1):

Part IV (Haiti Emails 2):

Part V (Haiti Emails 3):

Citizens United will continue to release material such as this in the weeks and months to come.

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