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Finally Getting Some Answers On Benghazi

Three days from today marks 8 months since the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi and today at 11:30 am ET on Capitol Hill, whistleblowers will finally testify and begin to give insight as to what happened. The American people have been demanding answers and more thorough answers as to why, when and how this attack occurred. So far, 140 Members of Congress have signed onto a bill calling for a Select Committee so that all the House committees working together to get the answers the families of the fallen and the injured deserve.

It remains to be seen what we will learn from today’s hearing, but we know one thing to be true: the Obama Administration was not truthful with the American people. Contrary to what then-Secretary Clinton said in the last hearing, it does make a difference how and why these men died. It matters how the Administration reacted, and what they knew and when they knew it. This hearing is an important first step into getting the answers the victims and the American people deserve.

You can stream the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing on Benghazi here:

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