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Fire From the Heartland Burns Bright in America

I’m in full agreement with the author’s point of view. Mama Grizzley’s scare the left and their feminist bullies because, like all bullies, these women can’t handle a stronger target than themselves. Pushback is creating an environment that has allowed many women to take a stand for REAL feminism that protects a woman’s right to think for themselves. Apparently this doesn’t sit well with the left because, according to a few of those lefty women, they aren’t “real women” at all if they don’t vote to kill their unborn child.

Well, all I can say is that Fire From the Heartland doesn’t just burn on the big screen, but in real life as well. In my scouring of the net for news articles to bash and make fun of, I’ve discovered a sense of women feeling that their precious babies are in danger and woe betide anyone who gets in their way. Amen to that, sistahs! Keep up the good fight, because you’ve got a family loving supporter of a woman’s right to be a woman right here typing away. Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

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