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I wanted to let you know about a very important issue that the Mainstream Media isn’t covering: the “Internet Freedom Act” introduced by Representative Marsha Blackburn (TN-07) this past Friday. Citizens United is supporting passage of the legislation that would bar the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from imposing expansive “Net Neutrality” rules and regulations on the internet. These potential changes could detrimentally intrude on the relationship between network users and access providers.

The FCC has been attempting to exert greater authority over the internet for some time. Recently the DC Circuit Court of Appeals overturned certain regulations but also ruled that the FCC could rewrite them under a provision of the Telecommunications Act. If rewritten, new rules could bestow the FCC broader and undefined authority over the internet. This could essentially bring the ill devised “Fairness Doctrine” to the internet and have the federal government choosing winners and losers in one of the last sectors where a true free market largely exists. A market that has prospered and made all Americans’ lives better.

The “Internet Freedom Act” would first get rid of previous rules affecting the internet issued by the FCC in 2010. The bill would then act as a safeguard against future rules that the FCC may issue in an attempt to circumvent the legislative process. The bill is already attracting co-sponsors. Call your member of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and let them know that they too should join with Representative Blackburn to stop the FCC, under the direction of the White House, from imposing “Net Neutrality” as a solution to a problem that does not exist. If you like your internet, you should be able to keep your internet.

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