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Generation Zero Is On A Roll! Watch Hannity Tonight – Bossie And Bannon On For Full Hour To Discuss Stunning New Film!

I thought it was important to write to let you know that I will be on Fox News Channel’s Hannity tonight (Tuesday 9pm EST) along with writer and director Stephen K. Bannon to discuss our groundbreaking new documentary, Generation Zero. We’ve now shown Generation Zero to jam packed rooms twice – at the recent Tea Party Convention in Nashville and this past weekend at CPAC in Washington, D.C. Simply put, this film is leaving audiences stunned and gaining more and more national attention each and every day. During his introduction of Generation Zero at CPAC, Andrew Breitbart said that this is a film every American must see!

Generation Zero will convince you that the current economic crisis is not a failure of capitalism, but a failure of culture. Generation Zero explores the cultural roots of the global financial meltdown – beginning with the narcissism of the 1960’s, spreading like a virus through the self-indulgent 90’s, and exploding across the world in the present… Read More

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