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House Passage of the DISCLOSE Act

Statement from David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, on House Passage of the DISCLOSE Act

“The DISCLOSE Act passed today by the House of Representatives is Exhibit A of why Congress cannot be trusted to regulate political speech. For crassly political purposes, Chairman Van Hollen and his lieutenants at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee decided behind closed doors that the First Amendment applies only to labor unions and certain advocacy groups that scare them sufficiently.

“Citizens who are members of other grassroots groups will be muzzled by this legislation for no reason other than that they belong to a group without the financial and lobbying muscle to exempt itself from this bill.

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“Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress are hanging on to power by a quickly fraying thread, and this bill is nothing more than incumbent protection in its worst and most cynical form. The American people will not be fooled so easily.

“I strongly urge the Senate to reject this unconstitutional legislation.”

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