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IRS Tea Party Targeting Scandal Came From the Top

With compelling testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee’s IRS hearings today, two IRS employees confirmed the reports cam from top IRS lawyers in Washington, D.C.

Carter Hull, who worked at the IRS for 48 years in D.C., testified he was given two critical Tea Party “test case” applications as the nefarious targeting began. After recommending one group be denied and
another be approved their tax status, management stripped him of both cases, and handed the application to a new employee with no field experience.

Hull said his supervisor informed him the cases would be handled by the IRS chief counsel’s office, which was run by Obama appointee William J. Wilkins. Hull reported to the committee that senior IRS management wanted to group all Tea Party groups together and develop a form letter to send to all such applicants. Hull believed these actions were “unusual”.

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In addition, the committee heard from Elizabeth Hofacre, a 14-year IRS employee and one of those “rogue” Cincinnati agents scapegoated by the White house. Hofacre described how dozens of Tea Party applications were systematically delayed by her supervisors. While they waited, there was no chance applicants could appeal.

There is no excuse for how Tea Party groups were treated. It is time to have a special counsel appointed to collect additional details and send lawbreakers to prison.

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