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Life News – Gift of Life: Promoting Pro-Life in the Mainstream Media

Time and again the pro-abortion movement has successfully teamed up with the mainstream media to get their message out to the masses. It’s a glaring example of how liberal media bias pushes an agenda. It is incumbent upon those who believe life starts at conception to fight back for the pro-life cause on the main stage by using the stories all around us that will touch the hearts and minds of Americans.

We have teamed up to produce The Gift of Life, an hour long documentary that explores the sanctity of life as a moral issue and looks at the lives of individuals who have been personally affected by the scourge of abortion. We hear the voice of Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape and almost aborted twice. James Robison tells of his mother’s decision to abort him being changed by prayer and a doctor’s conviction. By the grace of God, those featured in the film were saved from the abortionist, but an estimated 1.2 million children are murdered every year because of the unjust decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

The prevalence and acceptance of abortion has led to a culture of pessimism and death that manifests itself in many ways, even beyond the womb. One of the most touching personal stories The Gift of Life highlights is that of Chet McDoniel. Chet was born in January of 1980 with no arms and shortened legs. Without telling Chet’s parents, the delivery doctor put Chet into the corner of the hospital room and gave him minimal care on the chance that he would die. According to Chet, “[The doctor] said if my body was as mangled on the inside as it was on the outside that I would be better off dead.” This unconscionable malpractice by a deranged doctor showcases how contempt and indifference toward any life can become contempt and indifference toward every life. Today, Chet is a successful small businessman and a motivational speaker. Chet also has brought life into this world by starting a family of his own with his wife.

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