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Limbaugh The Legend

During a January 1998 appearance on NBC’s The Today Show, First Lady Hillary Clinton blamed the escalating scandal surrounding her husband’s malfeasance in office on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

As the following months and years would prove, former President Bill Clinton’s misconduct was far from a conspiracy—it was documented, litigated, and eventually shown for the world to see during his impeachment.

But, let’s consider the use of that phrase—”vast right-wing conspiracy” – during a time when there were hardly any nationally recognized conservative media powerhouses speaking on behalf of Americans for whom mainstream print and television news never represented. Where could something so “vast” as holding a president accountable for his actions come from in a time where conservatives had so few champions on the airwaves?

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That is the legacy of the late Rush Limbaugh.

At a time when the left controlled so many levers of power in popular culture and media, Rush Limbaugh came along to stand against the failed status quo.

Rush refused to concede that our founding principles of liberty and freedom had no place in the national dialogue. He was the spokesperson for the modern conservative movement.

Through his golden EIB microphone, Rush spoke passionately about the values and traditions that some of today’s conservatives may take for granted. He knew that the battle against an ever-growing government hell-bent on encroaching on our individual liberties was a daily fight. For a time, one of the only places that battle took place was on a radio station between noon and 3:00 PM EST.

Rush staked his claim for conservatives in the national conversation during a time when there was no seat for us at the table. He opened the door for so many of today’s political commentators by reminding the nation that, even though bi-coastal media and political elites want to pretend we don’t exist, conservative voices deserve to – and must – be heard.

Given his patriotism, humor, and relentless pursuit of truth, it’s no wonder that the impact of a single man would be characterized by then First Lady Hillary Clinton as “vast.” Given his commitment to shining a light on the conduct of public officials whom the establishment media wouldn’t touch, it’s no surprise that the aforementioned First Lady hoped to hand wave him away as a “conspiracy.”

The loss of Rush Limbaugh is not only a loss for conservatives, but a loss for our entire nation. When national media conglomerates increasingly control what we can and cannot discuss, Rush was a breath of fresh air who encouraged those who felt ignored by the media and forgotten by the elected officials that there’s no shame in loving our great country and the values that led to its founding.

He spurred a new generation of freedom-loving Americans who would go on to fight for our values—across the public and private sectors, patriots were emboldened to speak their minds and defend the Constitution against Democrat incursion.

It is impossible to overstate the contribution Rush made to our country’s political discourse.

May we honor his memory by keeping his spirit of free discussion alive, so that we never return to a time where one voice challenging the entire liberal establishment may be simply brushed aside as a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Rest in Peace, Rush Limbaugh

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