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National Review: Huck and the Miracle of Life in His Life

Q: How did you become involved with The Gift of Life?
A: I’ve been passionately involved in the pro-life movement since the ’70s. When the opportunity presented itself to be involved in a movie project to provide a new way of looking at the sanctity of life, I was thrilled.

Q: Who’s the audience for The Gift of Life?
A: The film will inform and encourage those who are pro-life, but unlike anything I’ve seen before, I think it will challenge those who are not and in a very subtle yet powerful way, raise deep questions that they will be compelled to consider.

Q: Was there a moment in your life when you more fully realized what a gift life is?
A: When my first son was born. He was a miracle in that due to my wife’s having cancer and extensive radiation treatment we were told we couldn’t have children. His birth was a reminder that God is in the life business.

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Q: Is there a story in the movie you wish you could bring to every man and woman in America?
A: While all the stories are deeply touching, perhaps the story of one of my dear friends and a former employer James Robison gets to me because I’ve known James for 37 years and even though I knew his remarkable story, it still touches me deeply.

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