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Obama Blames Citizens United For America’s Problems AGAIN!

President Obama AGAIN needs a refresher on what the Citizens United Supreme Court case actually does. It is just more of the same liberal talking points to blame the Citizens United case on our nation’s ills when in fact it is President Obama’s overreaching liberal policies that have America sinking into an abyss. So here is a refresher on what Citizens United is all about.

Citizens United found government restrictions preventing corporations, labor unions, and associations from engaging in political independent expenditures violated the First Amendment’s freedom of speech clause. In other words, the Court found that it was unconstitutional to prevent Citizens United from airing a film critical of Hillary Clinton on television during the 2008 Democratic Presidential primaries. It did not, however, overturn any federal prohibitions on corporations, labor unions, or certain associations from contributing directly to political candidates.

Citizens United the organization is a grassroots membership organization. Our annual dues are only $15. We are a leading conservative voice in opposition to the Obama Administration that produces documentary films. We are a group of relatively modest means that had to spend over $1 million to vindicate our 1st Amendment right to air a documentary film critical of Hillary Clinton. Our case had nothing to do with contribution limits to candidates and political parties.

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As for the role of big money in politics, let’s not forget that it was Obama back in 2008 who set that precedent for what he now criticizes when he opted to forgo voluntary limits on his own campaign’s spending. That action on his part came more than two years prior to the Citizens United decision. Our case helped to level the playing field by giving individuals, corporations, unions, and associations an equal right to freely speak their views about candidates.

What President Obama is ultimately doing is blaming free speech, as protected by the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution, for our government’s problems.

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