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“Occupy Unmasked” To Be Released In Theaters On September 21st and Video On Demand On September 25th

Washington, DC – David N. Bossie of Citizens United Productions and Larry Solov of Breitbart News Network announce that “Occupy Unmasked” will be released in theaters on September 21st and on Video On Demand (VOD) on September 25th. The theater markets include Orange County, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; and Dallas, Texas.

By the award-winning team of writer/director Stephen K. Bannon and producer David N. Bossie, “Occupy Unmasked” is the last major piece of work by the late conservative icon Andrew Breitbart.

“It has been a long journey to get this important film into theaters and now the Occupy Wall Street movement will be exposed to the American people,” said Producer David N. Bossie. “I am most happy about what this film will do for Andrew Breitbart’s storied legacy.”

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“Occupy Unmasked,” takes viewers into the Occupy Wall Street camps across the country in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Portland, Denver and Oakland for an up-close look at what’s happened there and who’s at the heart of the movement. Exclusive footage and first-hand eyewitness accounts tell the story of the criminal activity and raw brutality in the camps – much of which has not been reported by the mainstream media.

“It will be with a heavy heart that I’ll see my dear friend Andrew Breitbart on the big screen,” said writer/director Stephen K. Bannon. “Andrew was very passionate about this film and for it to be released in theaters – I know he would be very proud of it.”

“Andrew was like a brother to me, and he would be proud of this film because it was true citizen journalists who brought the seedy nature of the Occupy Wall Street movement to light,” said Larry Solov, CEO of Breitbart News Network. “Americans will get to see both the playful and serious side of Andrew in this film; both Steve and David capture Andrew’s passion for exposing the Left.”

Featuring the late conservative icon Andrew Breitbart, as well as former leftist radicals turned patriotic citizen journalists Brandon Darby, David Horowitz, Pam Keys, Anita MonCrief, Mandy Nagy, and Lee Stranahan, among others, this film delves beneath the surface of the Occupy movement to show its anarchist roots, led by those who advocate the use of violence and intimidation as protest tactics. These tactics stem back to the anti-war protests of the 1960’s, the anti-nuclear weapons protests of the 80’s, the WTO protests and Environmental Liberation Front of the 90’s, and the IMF protests of recent years.

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