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Cagle Post: Occupy Wall Street Is No Cup Of Tea

The Occupy Wall Street protests have been going on for weeks but confusion abounds about its message, especially within the movement itself. Is it Tax the Rich? Eat the Rich? Kill the Rich?

Not knowing why they are there or what they stand for seems to be one hallmark of the Occupy Wall Street’s adherents. Another common theme is disrupting the daily lives of average Americans with their childish antics, whether it’s blocking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, storming the Smithsonian in DC, or trying to occupy bathrooms in Senate Office Buildings. For their efforts, over a thousand Occupiers have been arrested across the country.

But these silly tactics are nothing compared to what certain Occupiers have called for. One video shows a speaker at Occupy L.A. calling for French-style, “bloody” revolution while explicitly rejecting the Gandhi -model of non-violent protest. Emails have been sent to New York officials with messages saying it’s “time to kill the wealthy.” TV hosts have said they need a “Kent State moment.” Communist and Nazi groups have joined in support of the protests.

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