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Politico: Citizens United Attacks – Pointless

For years Congress put into place overly burdensome or outright unconstitutional campaign finance regulations that favored the powerful incumbents who wrote them. These very politicians are the same ones who presided over spending our country into near bankruptcy.

Citizens United v. FEC changed the way people think about free speech and participation in our political process. Citizens United promotes participation – what a novel idea – and getting more people involved in their democratic elections. Precisely what the founders intended, but a threat to incumbents indeed.

Why should groups of people of any size – like corporations or unions – be banned from participating in our political process? Why do Democrats think businesses should not have robust First Amendment rights – rights that enable them to petition their government and hold incumbents accountable? Regulation-crazed Democrats are exposing themselves as harshly anti-business, whether it be a large corporations or the local mom and pop store.

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