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Politico: The Loss of a Conservative Warrior and Friend

It was a tough week in the conservative movement. A true conservative warrior, who fought day and night for the cause, met an untimely death. Andrew Breitbart was an innovator when it came to internet-based media. He was well ahead of the curve and understood how the mainstream media “complex” worked and how to break through and transform it. He was an unpretentious happy warrior who would talk to anybody, friend or foe, and relished a good political debate.

Andrew and I were in the midst of making “Occupy Unmasked” an anti-Occupy Wall Street documentary with our mutual friend and colleague Stephen K. Bannon. As part of the promotion for the documentary, Andrew, Stephen, and I hosted a bloggers briefing at CPAC to introduce other cast members of the film and give a sneak peak of the trailer.

Read more at Politico here.

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