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Politico: Will Bill Maher’s $1M hurt Obama?

It’s no surprise that Bill Maher and the Hollywood elites are again fawning over Barack Obama. Bill Maher has made a $1 million donation to Priorities USA because he “wanted to sort of inspire a lot of the people out there on the left who are rich, who this wouldn’t hurt at all.” I can’t imagine a world where Bill Maher will inspire anyone to open their checkbooks. In reality Bill Maher’s donation to Obama’s Super PAC will neither help nor hurt Obama; Bill Maher is just not that relevant.

Once a week HBO gives Bill Maher an hour of airtime to rail against Republicans and shill for liberal Democrats. It’s like he’s got his very own regularly scheduled independent expenditure. Bill Maher’s $1 million donation to Obama’s Super PAC is the most intellectually honest thing he’s done in a while – he’s put his money where his mouth is, rather than HBO’s.

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