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In Case You Missed It: US Government: “We Can Ban Books”

US Government: “We Can Ban Books” Dep. Solicitor General Argues Jailing Book Publishers Is Constitutional During Tuesday’s oral arguments in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the government told the Supreme Court that it has the constitutional authority to send a commercial book publisher to prison for publishing a book that contains the words “Vote […]

Statement on GOP Chairman Michael Steele

David N. Bossie released the following statement on the election of Michael Steele to the GOP Chairmanship: “As a Republican and fellow Marylander, I want to congratulate Chairman Steele on his election.  As he said today, it is indeed time for something different but we must not cede ground to anyone on the matter of […]

The Constitutional Right to Listen

We usually think of freedom of speech as involving the right of speakers to speak, whether through public addresses, in writing, or over radio and television airwaves. But the courts have recognized an additional dimension to First Amendment free speech rights: the right to listen and watch. This right takes center stage in a current […]

Democrat Stimulus Package Heavy on Pork, Light on Jobs

Despite promises of reform from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue over the last two years, the $825 billion stimulus package written without even a fig leaf of bipartisanship contains astronomical sums of pork barrel spending that will do nothing to create jobs for unemployed Americans. A glance at some of the more egregious provisions of […]

In The News – “No Internet Taxes On My Watch”

National Journal – No Internet Taxes On My Watch Although he has yet to go on the air, New Hampshire Republican John Sununu has received a boost from conservative nonprofit Citizens United as he attempts to defend his Senate seat from former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen (D). … Don’t Miss Out Subscribe to our free email […]

CU Files Suit over Limits for Issue Ads

Washington, D.C. As it prepares to release its hard-hitting political documentary, Hillary: The Movie, Citizens United, a grassroots advocacy organization, led by election law attorney James Bopp, Jr., today filed suit against the Federal Election Commission, arguing that issue-oriented television ads are protected by the First Amendment and should not be subject to disclosure requirements […]

Citizens United to Sue CNN

Washington, D.C. — Citizens United and its president, David Bossie, today issued the following statement: “Citizens United (CU), and its President David Bossie, have retained counsel to pursue claims against CNN for reporting in a November 28th CNN show called Broken Government – ‘Campaign Killers,’ hosted by Campbell Brown, that David Bossie and CU were […]

Attacking Gov. O’Malley’s Tax Hike

Washington, D.C.—Citizens United, a prominent conservative grassroots advocacy organization with members throughout the state of Maryland, is unveiling a major television advertisement campaign condemning Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s (D) proposed tax hike. O’Malley’s controversial $2 billion tax hike would lead to higher sales, income, and gas taxes for Marylanders. The ad spoofs a well-known state […]

Immigration Bill Threatens National Security

New Ad Campaign Featuring Newt Gingrich Blasts Amnesty Bill Washington, D.C.—Citizens United, a prominent Washington-based conservative grassroots advocacy organization is unveiling a major television advertisement condemning the controversial immigration bill now being considered by Congress. The ad, which features former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and which was produced by Citizens United president David Bossie, will […]

Citizens United Files Brief in Landmark Campaign-Finance Case

Supreme Court urged to strike down ban on corporate ads WASHINGTON, DC— On Friday, March 23, Citizens United, a conservative advocacy organization, filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to strike down a key provision of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, which bans corporations from sponsoring TV and radio ads that refer to a […]