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Real Clear Politics: Film Spotlights Voters Who Have Turned on Obama

A provocative new film spotlighting Democrats and independents who say they voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but have since turned on the president is set to debut at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week.

Titled “The Hope and the Change,” the anti-Obama film was jointly financed by Citizens United and Victory Film Group — the production company helmed by conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon.

This is the first presidential election in which Citizens United was able to produce a film about a candidate after the conservative advocacy group’s lawsuit to air a 2008 campaign movie about Hillary Clinton made it to the Supreme Court in 2010.

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The court’s momentous 5-4 decision that year led to the birth of super PACs and the overhaul of the campaign finance system.

“This film, in my opinion, is the definition of what the Reagan coalition was,” said Citizens United President David Bossie. “The Reagan coalition was obviously Republicans, but it was Democrats and independents, too, who wanted American exceptionalism and wanted to believe and have hope.”

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